Telephone Lead Trading

In essence Call Connection provides direct insurers and brokers with an exchange for the buying and selling of motor, home and commercial insurance leads. We make the phone ring for those companies who want more telephone enquiries and provide a way of monetising unconverted insurance leads.

Using leading edge, proprietary telephony software to answer, filter and route new business insurance enquiries we currently handle around 50,000 telephone leads per week. We also run an outbound telephony operation using our own extensive database to generate leads for our insurance partners.

How it works

How it works

If an insurer cannot fulfill a shopper’s needs they can offer the shopper a transfer to Call Connection. Call Connection will then take a few minutes to take the shopper through a scripted risk profiling process before offering the shopper a transfer to one or more companies who are likely to be able to offer a competitive quote. The shopper’s data is (when possible) transferred with the call in order to provide a better shopper experience and to improve sales efficiency for the call buyer. This “recycling” of calls is a very effective and profitable solution for the seller, buyer and shopper:

Lead Optimisation

Buying leads

We supply “hot” and profiled shoppers to insurers looking for motor, home, van, bike and commercial leads.

Partners who buy calls from us benefit from:

  • Access to active, profiled telephone shoppers
  • Reduced acquisition costs
  • Improved efficiency – sales agents don’t spend time dealing with unsuitable enquiries
  • Transfer of shopper data with private motor leads
  • Flexible call volume and call buying criteria
  • Comprehensive monthly reporting

Selling leads

We work with many of the UK’s major insurance companies to provide them with a means of generating significant revenues from unwanted or unconverted telephone calls. For example many insurance providers choose to sell us their uncompetitive, ineligible, overflow and out of hours telephone calls, turning what is essentially wasted marketing effort into an incremental revenue stream.

Many of these same companies then choose to use this revenue to buy more suitable, profiled new business leads from Call Connection.

If you are interested in finding out more about the services that we provide to insurance companies, please contact our Business Development team

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