Prospect Optimisation & Trading (POT) Services

Their forward-thinking technology and telephony solutions makes them an invaluable business partner. They listen, they understand, they deliver.

Mark Bower-Dyke, Chairman, Be Wiser.

CCL has built its business on the creation of innovative and dynamic telephony and software solutions that enable it to efficiently manage inbound and outbound offline and online leads. Increasingly Inphosys, CCL's in-house IT team, is being asked to develop, deploy and manage these systems for other companies.

These applications form our Prospect Optimisation & Trading (POT) services offering and are now being used by many insurance providers, having initially been deployed to complement and enhance CCL’s own offline and online lead trading solutions. Their benefit, however, has been extended to incorporate the wider world of prospect management and lead optimisation, regardless of lead source.

These POT services have been created and deployed specifically for general insurance personal lines providers with a single-minded goal:

To improve the efficiency of insurance providers' lead management operations.

This is turn leads to increased profitability and a better customer experience.

All POT services are cloud-hosted, web-based applications that can be easily adapted to complement any broker or insurer system. POT solutions already created and deployed include:

POT Controlled Delivery

How to give telephone agents improved quote information with hotkey leads from CCL.
POT Controlled Delivery provides summary quote data with inbound CCL telephone leads and is now part of CCL's standard lead delivery operation.

  • Improves agent/customer experience through the on-screen provision of summary quote data with lead.
  • 15+% increase in call to quote ratios.
  • Provides detailed agent-level efficiency reporting, increased accountability and improved lead outcome tracking.

POT Opportunity Trading Platform

How to create and manage lead-farming or lead trading activity.
In conjunction with POT Controlled Delivery, POT Opportunity Trading submits risk details to a secure service to identify brands who wish to obtain that lead and to directly transfer the call.

  • Allows insurance providers to directly trade and monetise unfulfilled leads (where permissible) to in-house or third party brands.
  • Can be integrated into a third party's (e.g. CCL's) lead trading service to provide a panel of buyers and/or to execute dialback activity.
  • Reporting/invoicing showing agent performance and earnings on traded leads.

POT Campaign Manager

How to prioritise, manage and optimise all inbound and outbound lead opportunities.
POT Campaign Manager improves business efficiency by automating the management of inbound and outbound prospect telephone campaigns.

  • Gives insurance providers comprehensive management of all inbound and outbound leads (including aggregator and direct inbound calls, web leads, aggregator "TopX" leads).
  • Allows dynamic lead prioritisation and optimisation of agent activity.
  • Provides a single customer view to enable de-duplication of effort and an improved customer experience.
  • If required, can be extended to provide a cost effective dialler solution, tailored to specific business needs.

Developing POT Services

POT services are continually evolving to meet customer requirements and the flexibility of the core POT "engine" is allowing us to work with our partners to develop new services to deliver ever-improving performance and profitability.

If you are interested in finding out more about the services that we provide to insurance companies, please contact our Business Development team

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